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 Learning to play violin is a challenging and rewarding experience that can be a lot of fun. Once playing becomes second nature, it is a fulfilling and relaxing pastime or occupation.

 By Learning to read the language of music and how to produce a melody from it, leads to a greater appreciation of music, can increase creativity and provide great happiness.

 Studying an instrument and music theory is an intellectually widening experience, offering a discipline and a process that can help you learn and study more effectively in other fields and also improve your memory.

    Children especially, can benefit in school and throughout life by starting an instrument early and continuing their study throughout education. Learning to read music and to play an instrument will increase their capacity to focus for longer periods of time and deepen their ability to use and understand new information.

And it is Fun!

Once you can play the Violin, then participating in Orchestras and smaller ensembles, or playing in a band is available to you. With the flexibility of the violin, there are many styles of music to be involved with, from Classical, to Folk, to Gypsy Jazz and even Rock music.

A career in playing the violin is always an option and for that, as well as for accessing certain academic courses, exams are a necessity.

Taking graded exams.   

Why Learn to Play the Violin?